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Witherby Seamanship


In the years since the Matrix was published, it has been brought to the attention of the Society that some terminals and charterers are applying it prescriptively, so that the levels of experience are considered to be minimum thresholds, where any shortfall is unacceptable (no matter how small). By contrast, the Society’s accompanying recommendation to the Matrix is that: “in the event of noncompliance with a particular element of the experience matrix, consideration should be given to other mitigating factors, including bespoke training, the manning scale in place, time with the LNG/LPG ship owner/operator and the wider competence management systems employed by the ship operator in officer recruitment and development”.

It was, therefore, agreed at GPC 73 (and subsequently approved by the board in May 2016) that the Secretariat should issue further guidance as to the recommended application of the Matrix in the assessment and management of risk.