Giovanni Giorgi from OLT Offshore LNG Toscana appointed as GPC Chair

SIGTTO’s General Purposes Committee (GPC) has appointed Giovanni Giorgi from OLT Offshore LNG Toscana as GPC Chair for a period of three years. OLT Offshore LNG Toscana has been a SIGTTO member since 2009 and Giovanni has been a GPC member since 2015.

Giovanni, an aerospace engineer, is Managing Director of OLT Offshore LNG Toscana, former O&M Manager. He has 20 years of operations and engineering experience focused primarily in the offshore oil & gas industry, LNG industry, deepwater projects, platform design and installation, sea line design and installation, with particular focus on the FSRU/FLNG industry.

Commenting on his appointment, Giovanni said:

"I am truly very pleased and proud to be in this position. Energy plays a key role in this particular period in our history. The global scenario will draw more attention to our industry. As a result, I believe we should stress our commitment to safety and the environment over the coming years.
I am also convinced, as stated by the Founding President, Barry Hunsaker, about 40 years ago, that we will best achieve our goals by sharing with each other our non-proprietary technical and safety information and operating experiences through open and frank discussion”.

Alongside Giovanni, the GPC has appointed Eleni Lazaratou from Maran Gas Maritime Inc. as GPC Vice-Chair. As a longtime member of the organisation, Maran Gas Maritime Inc. has long history of contribution to SIGTTO, including more than 15 years of service on the GPC, participation in multiple working groups, as well as hosting and chairing multiple panels.

Eleni, a Naval Architect / Marine Engineer by studies, is Project Director Marine & Operations within MGM. She has nearly a decade of experience in LNG shipping, focused primarily on marine operations, ports and terminals and freight.

Commenting on her appointment, Eleni said:

“The work SIGTTO does demands significant time, energy and expertise of its members. Nevertheless, it is time, energy and expertise well spent, benefiting not just the members who invest them, but the industry as a whole.
At its core, SIGTTO provides crucial guidance on how to safely carry out the activities we already do; but at its best, SIGTTO can also provide vision and direction on where we should be heading as an industry in terms of safety, technology and environmental achievements. It is this kind of vigor and focus that I hope to encourage the GPC to embody in the next, challenging and exciting years, and to which I hope to contribute as a young and energetic Vice-Chair of the same.”

Ian Revell, SIGTTO’s new CEO, has said:

"I would like to welcome Giovanni and Eleni to their new roles leading the General Purposes Committee. We look forward to a strong co-operation in the coming years which will drive SIGTTO’s policies in the Society's core activities."