The General Purposes Committee (GPC) is the Society’s technical directorate and is comprised of 35 senior operational executives of member companies representing a balance of LNG, LPG gas tanker and terminal experience. The GPC Chairman reports to the Board and the committee’s main tasks are the initiation and supervision of technical project activities.

The Human Element Committee (HEC), formed in 2016, deals with gas specific human element related issues as they relate to the gas shipping and terminal sectors.

Both committees met at six monthly internals. Working Groups are established, as the need arises, to conduct specific projects and are comprised of experts within this specific field.

The Panel Meeting is open to all Members and has no restriction on attendance. Meetings are usually held at six monthly intervals once or twice a year and comprise of presentations from members, manufacturers and the Society’s Secretariat that are of specific interest to the liquefied gas industry.

A network of Regional Forums has been developed to further improve liaison with members. These forums aim to improve direct contact with members and make the decision-making organs of the Society more accessible.
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