Name Edition Year Price
Guidance for Gas Trials on LNG Carriers Second 2023 £
Recommendations for Valves on Liquefied Gas Carriers Second 2023 £
SIGTTO Information Papers (Consolidated Edition 2022) Consolidated Edition 2022 2022 £195
Measurement and Reporting of CO2 Emissions from Gas Carriers First Edition 2022 £
Detection and Reporting of Fugitive Methane Emissions from LNG Carriers First Edition 2022 £
LPG Shipping Suggested Competency Standards Second Edition 2022 £175
Liquefied Gas Cargo Resource Management Course First Edition 2022 £
LNG Shipping Suggested Competency Standards Third Edition 2021 £175
Guidance on Gas Carrier and Terminal Gangway Interface First Edition 2021 £
Floating LNG Installations First Edition 2021 £225
ESD Systems Second Edition 2021 £
Recommendations for Cargo Control Room HMI First Edition 2021 £
Recommendations for Relief Valves on Gas Carriers Third Edition 2020 £175
Recommendations for Designing Cargo Control Rooms First Edition 2020 £
SIGTTO at 40 Years 2019 £
Recommendations for Management of Cargo Alarm Systems First Edition 2019 £
Ship/Shore Interface for LPG/Chemical Gas Carriers and Terminals First Edition 2018 £175
Guidelines for the Alleviation of Excessive Surge Pressures on ESD for Liquefied Gas Transfer Systems Second Edition 2018 £175
Recommendations for Liquefied Gas Carrier Manifolds Second Edition 2018 £175
Best Management Practices to Deter Piracy – BMP5 Fifth Edition 2018 FREE
LNG Emergency Release Systems - Recommendations, Guidelines and Best Practices First Edition 2017 £125
LNG Marine Loading Arms and Manifold Draining, Purging and Disconnection Procedure First Edition 2017 £
Liquefied Gas Handling Principles on Ships and in Terminals, (LGHP4) 4th Edition Fourth Edition 2016 £275
Support Craft at Liquefied Gas Facilities. Principles of Emergency Response and Protection - Offshore First Edition 2016 £125
LNG and LPG Experience Matrix Guidelines for Use First Edition 2016 £
Support Craft at Liquefied Gas Facilities. Principles of Emergency Response and Protection - Onshore First Edition 2015 £125
Suggested Quality Standards for LNG Training Providers First Edition 2014 £
A Justification into the Use of Insulation Flanges (and Electricity Discontinuous Hoses) at the Ship/Shore and Ship/Ship Interface First Edition 2014 £
LNG Shipping at 50 2014 £
Ship to Ship Transfer Guide for Petroleum, Chemicals and Liquefied Gases First Edition 2013 £275
Liquefied Gas Carriers: Your Personal Safety Guide Second Edition 2012 £25
Application of Amendments to Gas Carrier Codes Concerning Type C Tank Loading Limits First Edition 2012 £25
Guidance for the Prevention of Rollover in LNG Ships First Edition 2012 £
Thermowells in LNG Carrier Liquid Lines First Edition 2011 £
LNG Steamship Suggested Competency Standards for Engineers First Edition 2010 £125
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Sampling Procedures First Edition 2010 £25
Simulation Information Paper First Edition 2010 £
Report on the Effects of Fire on LNG Carrier Containment Systems First Edition 2009 £
Jetty Maintenance and Inspection Guide First Edition 2008 £175
Hydrates in LPG Cargoes First Edition 2008 £75
Gas Concentrations in the Insulation Spaces of Membrane LNG Carriers First Edition 2007 £
Liquefied Gas Fire Hazard Management First Edition 2004 £175
LNG Operations in Port Areas First Edition 2003 £75
Guide to Contingency Planning for Marine Terminals Handling Liquefied Gases in Bulk, 2nd Ed. Second Edition 2001 £40
Fire Prevention in the Cargo Containment Systems of Liquefied Gas Carriers in Shipyards First Edition 2001 £
Guidelines on the Ship-Board Odourisation of LPG First Edition 2000 £40
Site Selection & Design (IP no. 14) for LNG Ports & Jetties First Edition 1997 £40